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I’m still basking in the glow and glory of the retreat! Thank you all so much for receiving me and loving on me! I am refreshed and revitalized!

Felicia Wilkerson

This was such a cathartic experience! I am so thankful I attended! You ladies are phenomenal! Thank you so much Sandi Johnson for having this virtual retreat! I hope I’m able to meet you all in Michigan next year!

Qiana Mitchell

I just want to thank Sandi Johnson for a REMARKABLE virtual retreat!! I was not sure of what to expect, but in all honesty, it exceeded all expectations! The care you put into the packages and guidebook was outstanding and thoughtful. Your topic and discussion exercises were on point and much needed. Thank you to each and every presenter who poured into the listener. I received so much from you all. To my fellow UNBOTTLED BEAUTIES, thank you for your advice, encouragement, constructive revelation, and just making this retreat a safe and transparent place!


Derique Green

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