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My Story  My Journey: Fluid

Nestled in nature’s beauty, this retreat was perfect for those looking to relax and reconnect with themselves.  This was a God-driven agenda where we went as the Spirit lead. We learned to embrace the flow of life while maintaining our purpose.


My Story My Journey: Unbottled

My Story, My Journey: Unbottled was a virtual event that engages the women in their story and learning to apply it to their purpose path. There was no audience member but active participants.  This virtual event had a dynamic group of women who in love push participants to understand that they are valuable, loved, and purposed. The strips that Jesus received are for their healing.


My Story  My Journey: Women In Action

This retreat provided the perfect opportunity to focus attention on what is most important, the here and now. The natural setting and serene atmosphere helped our guests escape the constant stimulation of modern life. We created action plans for all aspects of life.

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Past Retreats: Past Retreats
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