My Story, My Journey

My Story, My Journey is a two-day experience that challenges women to open their hearts to God, 

experience connection with other women, and learn about themselves. It is a call for women of all walks of life to connect more deeply with their own dreams and God-given purpose - within their church, 

relationships, and communities.

This retreat is for women of all ages, races and backgrounds who are at different points in their lives and walk with God.  The event’s goal is to help any and all find their place in God and help them live life 


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Sandi  D. Johnson is an author, vision coach and motivational speaker. Her simple motto of  “set a goal, achieve that goal and move on to the next goal” has been the driving factor in her success. Her life’s goal is to merge her faith, gifts, passion, purpose and education to help others “Live Life on Purpose,” which is the name of her social media broadcasts.


Sandi D. Johnson

Books & T- Shirts

EnVision Your Life L.L.C. desire to be a world change agent. that inspires, and motivates individuals to live a  goal-oriented purposeful, passionate life. In order to span the reach globally, we publish the stories of individuals overcoming life's challenges while learning lessons along their purpose path. 


The "2020 My Story, My Journey"

retreat t-shirt is on sale. 




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